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Which adopts the principle of being your "solution partner" with its strong capital structure and dynamic staff, is also a full member of FCI (Factors Chain Intl.) and Financial Institutions Union.

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  • Companies encashing their account receivables through factoring make their balance sheets more liquid, receivables, stocks and commercial debts reduce, and the capital of the enterprise increases. The balance sheet becomes more liquid and credibility of the enterprise rises.
  • Because the monitoring, collection and management of the receivables of the firms shall be carried out by the factoring company, time and revenue savings are achieved.
  • Medium-scale firms obtain cheaper funds using their own revenues (trade receivables) without applying to external resources and their interest expenses show a decrease. Firms increasing their competitive power not only raise their Market shares, but also make their cash flows more regular and efficient.
  • The firms get knowledgeable about the financial standing of their buyers thanks to reliable information achieved regularly.
  • The exporter firms use guarantee services to increase their Market share in foreign markets without a risk, thus entry to markets gets easier. Competitive power shows a rise.
  • Because all payments are made to the enterprise over the foreign currency on the invoice in export factoring transactions, no foreign currency exchange difference expense is in question for the firm.
  • Whether or not the firms need cash, doing business with a factoring company abroad ensures faster legal proceedings and results in the country of export in the event of disputes.
  • A firm which uses a factoring company in export settles its undertaking having issued its Foreign Exchange Receipt early with a preliminary payment, and makes VAT application early.
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